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corporate barbie doll
New ‘Corporate’ Barbie Doll Earns 85% Of Ken’s Salary
She’s ambitious, smart, and earns almost as much as Ken did for the same role in 2002. Meet the new
ghosts of girlfriends past
People Who Illegally Downloaded ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Forced To Watch Matthew McConaughey Rom-Coms On Continuous Loop
Australian internet users who illegally downloaded Oscar winning movie Dallas Buyers Club will be forced to watch How To Lose
prince harry australia
Prince Harry Comes To Reclaim Australia
Prince Harry will spend four weeks visiting Australia, before taking it home with him as a gift to his family
Tony Abbott April Fools
Government Releases Fair, No-Surprise Budget In Hilarious April Fools Gag
Challenging claims he lacks a sense of humour, Prime Minister Tony Abbott today released an ‘updated’ budget that spreads spending
fast and furious 7
Fast & Furious 7 “The Best Fast & Furious Film So Far This Year” Say Critics
Film critics have praised new action drama Fast & Furious 7, with some saying it is the franchise’s best instalment
joe hockey age of entitlement
“The Age Of Entitlement Is Actually 49”, Hockey Admits
Treasurer Joe Hockey has corrected an earlier statement, conceding that The Age of Entitlement is in fact 49, not ‘over’
Hillary Clinton Reluctantly Admits She Is ‘His Excellency Lloyd Williamsburg Esq’, Your Long Lost Relative From Nigeria
Hillary Clinton has been using her personal email account to send spam
LNP Women’s Day Event Moved To Showgirls Gentlemen’s Club
The Liberal National Party has made the decision to shift their International Women’s Day function to Showgirls Gentlemen’s Club following
Samsung TV
Samsung TVs Also Quietly Judging Your Taste In Entertainment, Company Confirms
Your Samsung TV winces every time you settle in for a session of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the tech
bill shorten
Bill Shorten Slams ‘Incompetent’ Government For Failing ‘Basic Task’ Of Unseating A Prime Minister
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the Coalition Government, saying its inability to carry out the simple job of unseating
taylor swift
Hottest 100 Win Could Be Just The Break Taylor Swift Needs, Says Manager
Taking out the top position on the annual countdown of Australia’s most popular public radio station could be the start
fox news birmingham
Fox News Is A ‘No-Go Zone’ For Humans With A Brain, Expert Confirms
In a stunning disclosure today, an expert has revealed how parts of the media have become “off limits” to ordinary,
hipster beard
Not Having A Beard Now More Ironic Than Having A Beard, Hipster Reveals
Taking the time to shave your facial hair is now even more ironic than letting it grow long, it has
hot criminal
Nation’s Women Demand Hotter Criminals
Australia’s female population has asked local lawbreakers to pay more attention to their appearance, after it was revealed America’s criminals
law and order svu
New Police Recruit Shocked To Discover His Job Is Nothing Like Law & Order SVU
Nineteen year-old Melbourne man Brody Thompson has quit his position as a Victoria Police cadet after discovering the role lacked