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Australian satire
Job Cuts At Fairfax, News Ltd As Leadership Speculation Departments Scrapped
Dozens of journalists were offered redundancies today as the country’s major news outlets shut down the ‘Leadership Speculation’ arms of
Mitt Romney satire
Tony Abbott, Mitt Romney Team Up To Produce ‘Binders Full of Women of Calibre’
It’s been dubbed the ‘must-have compendium for the modern man’. Former US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has joined forces with
Sydney Family Forced To Cancel Second Overseas Holiday
In a sign of just how tough life on Struggle Street has become, the Jones family of Sydney today announced
Simon Crean satire
“I Was Bored” Simon Crean Explains Why He Called For Pointless Leadership Spill
ALP elder statesman Simon Crean says he was “just looking for something to do” this afternoon when he urged the
Wayne Swan satire
Wayne Swan Accidently Spends Entire Proceeds Of Mining Tax
It was supposed to be just a few quiet knock-off drinks on a Friday afternoon after another gruelling week in
Kevin Rudd satire
Archaeologists Uncover Kevin Rudd’s Prime Ministership, Buried Beneath A Canberra Car Park
Two and a half years ago Kevin Rudd’s Prime Ministership died while fighting in the Labor Civil War, leading to
Tony Abbott satire
Advertising Feature: The 2013 Season of ‘Federal Politics’, Coming Soon!
Critics have labelled it ‘shocking’, ‘gut-wrenching’ and ‘an absolute f*cking farce’. If you thought Federal Politics couldn’t get any more
Jenny Macklin satire
Budget Back In Surplus As Jenny Macklin Takes Massive Pay Cut
Families Minister Jenny Macklin’s generous offer to cut her pay from $6,321 a week to just $246 a week has
Tony Abbott satire
Abbott’s Attitude Towards Women ‘A Technical Glitch’ Liberal Party Claims
The Liberal Party says the out-dated attitudes of its leader towards women are nothing more than a technical glitch. The
Julie Bishop satire
Julie Bishop claims Gillard ‘dirt file’ image was digitally altered
Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop hit back at suggestions the Coalition had a dirt file on Julia Gillard, saying the
Australian political satire
Now Australian Labor Party faces ‘tanking’ allegations
With inquiries into the Melbourne Football Club’s alleged tanking continuing, it is believed the AFL has now widened its investigation
ballot box
Labor excises entire population from electoral roll
A day after announcing plans to remove the entire country from its own migration zone, the Labor Government has excised
Kevin Rudd satire
Julia Gillard now almost as popular as Kevin Rudd’s cat
New polls released today show increasing support for Julia Gillard, with her rating as preferred Prime Minister fast approaching the
Christopher Pyne satire
BREAKING: Even Christopher Pyne Finds Christopher Pyne Annoying
The only person in Australia who supposedly did not find Liberal MP Christopher Pyne annoying – Christopher Pyne himself –
Julia Gillard satire
Safety helmets to be made compulsory for all media conferences
Legislation passed Parliament today making it mandatory for anyone – not just politicians – to wear a safety helmet during