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Exhausted, Muddled Donald Trump Accidently Calls For Ban On Muslims Instead Of Guns
Republican presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump has called for tighter controls on Muslims, in an embarrassing gaffe yesterday. He meant
BREAKING: Oregon Militia Shot Dead After White Face Paint Fades
  The gang of black and Middle-Eastern terrorists who stormed and seized a wildlife refuge in the US have been
American guns
Draconian New Gun Laws Require Americans To Count To 10 Before Buying Firearms
There are fears America is turning into a nanny state after President Obama announced sweeping changes to gun laws that
photo of food
Experts Now Recommend Taking Photos Of 3 Meals A Day
People should try to upload pictures of three balanced meals a day – one in the morning, one in the
Obama Starting To Wish He Never Left Kenya
Responsible for the outbreak of Ebola and suffering a humiliating defeat in the midterm elections, US President Barack Obama is