“The War On 2019 Live Show”

After a sold out national tour last year, we’re pleased to announce The War on 2019 – an in-depth analysis of all the AFP-approved highlights and other highlights from the year.

Presented by The Shovel and The Chaser, The War on 2019 will feature a satirical all-star line-up including Charles Firth (The Chaser), James Schloeffel (The Shovel), Mark Humphries (ABC’s 7:30) and SBS The Feed’s Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst.  

Brisbane Powerhouse: Friday 22nd November – BUY TICKETS

Perth Astor: Saturday 23rd November – Tickets on sale soon

Canberra Theatre: Tuesday 26th November – Tickets on sale soon

Adelaide Arts Theatre: Saturday 30th November – Tickets on sale soon

Hobart Theatre Royal: Wednesday 4th December – BUY TICKETS

Sydney Enmore Theatre: Thursday 5th December – Tickets on sale soon

Melbourne Atheneum: Friday 6th December – Tickets on sale soon

Dates to be announced soon for Canberra, Newcastle, Cairns and more.

About the cast

Charles Firth (ABC-TV’s The Election Chaser, CNNNN, The Chaser Decides, The Chaser’s War on Everything, The Roast) is a co-host on Triple M’s Radio Chaser show, and the 2019 Election Correspondent for The Project (Network Ten). He covered the 2016 US Elections for The Chaser, and correctly predicted Trump would win. Charles is managing editor of The Chaser Quarterly and Chaser website. His previous live shows include: The Chaser’s Australia, The War on 2017, The War on History, The War on 2018. He lives in Sydney with his son and two wives.

Mark Humphries first came to prominence as the whip-smart but slightly smarmy satirical commentator on The Roast (ABC-TV). Since then, he’s co-authored The Chaser’s Australia, a 200-page book about Australia, toured The Chaser’s Australia live show, been the chief satirical correspondent for SBS The Feed, hosted the gameshow Pointless (Network Ten) and joined ABC-TV’s 7:30 program as the regular Thursday night satirist. Mark is an extreme sports enthusiast, and spends most weekends BASE jumping.

Victoria Zerbst (left) is a comedian, writer and musician currently co-writing and presenting comedy segments for SBS Viceland’s The Feed. She is a co-founder and head writer for sketch comedy group Freudian Nip, and has written satire, character-based comedy and video sketches for Junkee Media, MTV, The Comedy Channel, ABC Comedy’s Aaron Chen Tonight and The Chaser. Victoria suffers from a debilitating fear of the colour puce.

Jenna Owen (right) is chief satirical correspondent for SBS TV’s The Feed, head writer and performer at Freudian Nip, as well as an actor, comedian and improviser. As a solo performer, Owen was a writer and cast member in ABC2’s Aaron Chen Tonight and Squinters, has written comedy content for JUNKEE Media and The Chaser, done radio work for FBi Radio and has performed several times at The Giant Dwarf Theatre as both a sketch comedian and improviser.

James Schloeffel is the founder of the satirical website The Shovel. He is a writer on The Project’s election coverage (Network Ten), and covered the 2016 US Elections for The Chaser, during which he founded “Aussies for Trump” – a satirical supporter group which Trump fans unfortunately took seriously. His previous live shows include: The War on 2017, The War on History and The War on 2018. His hand featured in Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 11/9. James lives in Melbourne which he insists is much better than where you’re from.