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Nation’s Teens Unsure How To Measure Self Worth Now That Instagram Not Showing Likes
Sydney student Lily Maples has been left without any way of determining her value to society, it has emerged
Boomers Awarded Most Annoying Generation. Millennials Furious They Didn’t Get Participation Trophy
An award ceremony for most annoying generation – won by Baby Boomers – has been marred by controversy, after the
Revealed: What Your Choice Of Ice-Cream Flavour Says About You
Man’s Conversation Skills Entirely Reliant On Simpson’s References
Saying it was like that Simpson’s episode where Homer breaks his jaw and can’t speak, a Sydney man has admitted
Link Between Large Headphones And Nagging Sense Of Superiority, Research Finds
People who wear oversized headphones have a far better taste in music than you, it has been revealed
holiday photo
Woman Mistakenly Thinks Friends Give Shit About Her Holiday
In what has been described as a gross misunderstanding, a Brisbane women somehow assumed her friends were interested in seeing
Level Of Confected Outrage ‘Absolutely Sickening’ Online Commenter Says
A woman has labelled as ‘absolutely disgusting’ the amount of contrived outrage that passes for comment these days
edm bros
EDM Bros Step In To Offer Free Pill Testing At Festivals
A group of brave young ravers is offering to personally test festival-goers’ pills at all major music events this year,
Man Complaining About Hot Cross Buns In January Yet To Realise He Doesn’t Have To Buy Them
A Melbourne man who has spent most of 2019 complaining about how hot cross buns are already on supermarket shelves,
British Man Immediately Loses 50 Pounds After Joining Gym
London man John Smythe is already halfway towards achieving his 2019 goal of shedding 100 pounds, saying he dropped 50
Standing Right Next To Baggage Carousel Makes Luggage Arrive Faster, Study Shows
Standing as close as you can to the baggage carousel at an airport is the best way to speed up
Amazing! Santa Uses Same Wrapping Paper As Mum And Dad, Local Investigation Finds
In a stunning coincidence, Santa Clause uses the exact same wrapping paper as Mum and Dad, Chloe Simpson, 6, has
online commentor
Level Of Confected Outrage ‘ABSOLUTELY SICKENING’ Online Commenter Says
A man has labelled as ‘absolutely disgusting’ the amount of contrived outrage that passes for comment these days
Renters Unveil World’s Tiniest Violin For Home Owners Whose Properties Have Fallen In Value
Renters across the nation unveiled the world’s tiniest violin today in a touching tribute to home owners suffering from dropping
man woman height
Gender Height Gap May Take Years To Close, Experts Say
The gap between men and women is expected to remain at least 14cm for the foreseeable future, experts have warned