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Richard Di Natale Resigns, Grows Beard, Then Returns To Greens’ Leadership
Greens’ senator Richard Di Natale has stepped down from the leadership, grown a beard, changed his name and then returned
“I Just Want The Government Out Of My Life,” Joyce Says, Announcing Bid For Leadership Of Major Political Party
Barnaby Joyce says he is sick and tired of the Government being involved in his life and that he will
Barnaby Joyce Asks For Privacy, As He Announces Plan To Return To National Party Leadership
Barnaby Joyce has announced his intention to challenge for the National Party leadership, saying he wants to step back from
Bridget McKenzie Has Moved To The Coalition Backbenches, Which Incidentally Have Been Beautifully Upgraded Thanks To A Generous Government Grant
Bridget McKenzie has resigned from her ministerial role, and will take up a position on the Coalition backbenches – tastefully
Morrison Relieved To Finally Have A Crisis That Involves Barring People From Entering Australia
After weeks of being forced to deal with the boring details of the domestic bushfire crisis, Scott Morrison says he
Most Coronavirus Cases Caused By Arson, The Australian Claims
At least two thirds of all instances of the deadly coronavirus have been deliberately started by arsonists, the country’s national
Morrison Says Australians Quarantined On Christmas Island Will Be Processed As Quickly As Possible And Can Expect To Be Off The Island Within 14 Years
Australia’s rapid processing protocols mean those quarantined on Christmas island due to coronavirus fears can expect to be home by
Now Is Not The Time To Talk About Coronavirus, Morrison Says
Talking about coronavirus while millions of people are at threat from it, is completely inappropriate, the Prime Minister says
Australia Day Honours: Fraser Anning Awarded For Services To Race Relations
Former senator and current neo-Nazi Fraser Anning has been honoured for his tireless work advocating for racial equality
Tanya Plibersek Calls For Australian School Children To Recite Key Research Outcomes From Labor Party Focus Groups
Saying Australians had lost touch with the key drivers influencing the 55-79 year-old outer-suburban voting demographic, Labor minister Tanya Plibersek
“Credit Where It’s Due: Bettina Arndt’s Work For Men’s Rights Means Men Finally Have Influence In Australia”
EDITORIAL: The decision to award men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt an Order Of Australia for services to gender equality has
Red Cross Appoints Bridget McKenzie, To Ensure Bushfire Money Goes Where It’s Needed Most
The Australian Red Cross has responded to the public’s concerns about its allocation of bushfire donations, appointing funding allocation expert
cory bernardi
Who Is Going To Ensure We Don’t Have Sex With Animals, Now That Cory Bernardi Has Retired?
EDITORIAL: This week Cory Bernardi resigned from politics. It’s a well-deserved break, after a stunning 13-year career, but we urge
“Grants Were Allocated Fairly”, Bridget McKenzie Says From Her Personal, Custom-Built Gymnasium And Swimming Complex 
The controversial sports grant program that critics claim was unfairly allocated, was totally above board, Bridget McKenzie has told journalists
Greens’ Opposition To Controlled Storms To Blame For Canberra Hailstorm, Government Claims
The Greens’ opposition to controlled storms in national parks is to blame for the huge hailstorm in Canberra yesterday, the