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Lockdown Should Be Extended By Another 2-3 Years, Just To Be Sure, Introverts Say
Saying it was better to be overly cautious at uncertain times like this, the nation’s introverts have called for social
Woman Complaining About Crowds Yet To Realise She Is Part Of Crowd
A Melbourne woman who posted an angry message on social media about the number of people out and about in
Man Working From Home Holds Useless 2-Hour Meeting With Himself
Saying he wanted to replicate the feeling of working from the office, Melbourne account manager Liam Hickey has set up
Man Relieved That Company He Hasn’t Heard From In 5 Years Is Here For Him At This Difficult Time
Sydney man Jim Lecke says it’s a huge relief to know that an electronics retailer that he bought a charging
Contagion And 5 Other Documentaries To Watch While You’re In Lockdown 
With more home-time on the cards, we’re all looking for new shows to watch. If you’re sick of make-believe dramas,
Nation’s Dogs Announce Plans To Continue Working From Home
The nation’s dogs will work from home again this week, it has been confirmed
Local Introvert Prepares For Coronavirus By Self-Isolating For Last 20 Years
Sydney man Kyle McKenzie says he has been preparing for the COVID-19 epidemic since 2001, cleverly avoiding crowds and public
Hotel Room Only Has 48 Lamps
A room at a local hotel chain has fewer than 50 lamps, a man was surprised to discover this week
Wanker Announces Plans To Reverse Into Shopping Centre Parking Space 
A man at a local shopping centre car park has let it be known that he will be spending the
Boomers Awarded Most Annoying Generation. Millennials Furious They Didn’t Get Participation Trophy
An award ceremony for most annoying generation – won by Baby Boomers – has been marred by controversy, after the
Revealed: What Your Choice Of Ice-Cream Flavour Says About You
holiday photo
Woman Mistakenly Thinks Friends Give Shit About Her Holiday
In what has been described as a gross misunderstanding, a Brisbane women somehow assumed her friends were interested in seeing
Tim Wilson Confirms That Election Ballot Paper Will Now Contain Option To Donate To Liberal Party
Voters in the upcoming election will have the option to donate to the Liberal Party when they fill in their
edm bros
EDM Bros Step In To Offer Free Pill Testing At Festivals
A group of brave young ravers is offering to personally test festival-goers’ pills at all major music events this year,
Standing Right Next To Baggage Carousel Makes Luggage Arrive Faster, Study Shows
Standing as close as you can to the baggage carousel at an airport is the best way to speed up