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Kevin Pieterson
Kevin Pieterson Could Disrupt Our Unique Losing Culture, Says England
Picking one of the world’s best batsmen could disturb the special losing feeling that the team has been cultivating over
Johnny Depp Dog
Johnny Depp’s Dogs Claim They Didn’t See Government Advertising Campaign
Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo Depp say they were unaware of an Australian Government campaign that explicitly warned dogs travelling
bill shorten dream
Shorten Captures Imagination Of Nation In Rousing Budget Reply Dream
Bill Shorten set parliament – and Australian living rooms – alight last night in a captivating dream at his Canberra
joe hockey
Hockey Postpones Budget Emergency Until Next Labor Government
The Budget Emergency that has wreaked havoc on the Australian economy over the past eight years has been put on
budget papers 2015
The Words ‘Fair’ And ‘Headwinds’ Biggest Winners From 2015 Budget
The words ‘fair’, ‘family’ and ‘headwinds’ are set to enjoy a 200% usage boost over the next three months thanks
joe hockey budget
Government Announces Brand New Batch Of Barnacles
The Coalition unveiled a wide range of new barnacles tonight, which it will spend the next twelve months methodically removing
hockey morrison budget
Scott Morrison To Dictate Budget Speech To Joe Hockey Via Small In-Ear Device
In his first budget speech last year Treasurer Joe Hockey read from typed notes. Tomorrow he will be carefully listening
maurice newman
Maurice Newman Is A Hoax, Sources Confirm
Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor Maurice Newman is an elaborate prank, it has been revealed
budget papers
2014 Budget Offered Free With Every 2015 Budget
Any parliament that buys the 2015 Federal Budget will get the 2014 budget thrown in for free, Treasurer Joe Hockey
joe hockey
Joe Hockey Excitedly Putting Together This Year’s Budget Surprises
Treasurer Joe Hockey was this morning tucked away in his office hiding an array of delightful little surprises all over
tony abbott wait in the car
Australia Asks Tony Abbott To Wait In The Car While They Get On With The 21st Century
Australians have politely asked if Prime Minister Tony Abbott would mind waiting in the car while they continue with
coal is the future of humanity
Abbott To Present Royal Baby With Australia’s Very Best Piece Of Coal
Australia’s official gift to the new-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the nation’s most beautiful
bill and tanya
Labor Narrowly Avoids Developing Policy
The Opposition last week came within a whisker of developing a plan for the future, it has been revealed
abbott 1950s
New Microsoft App Correctly Guesses What Year You Think It Is
A new website released today by tech giant Microsoft can predict what year you think it is, just by analysing
apple watch tattoo
Apple Watch Only Works If You Have ‘Consumer Slave’ Tattooed On Your Forehead
Early adopters of Apple’s new watch have found that the device only works for those who have a tattoo on