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“DUMBLEDORE WAS ACTUALLY A TRANSGENDER LESBIAN!” JK Rowling tweets in frantic attempt to win back fans
After facing a huge backlash over a series of tweets that many felt were transphobic, a frenzied JK Rowling today
60 Minutes To Interview Nobel-Prize Winning Scientist Peter Doherty On What It’s Like To Be A Celebrity Chef
Following Sunday’s emotional interview with Pete Evans about the coronavirus, vaccinations and other medical topics, Sixty Minutes has announced an
Rio Tinto Finally Stripped Of Licence After Mistakenly Blowing Up Statue Of John Howard
The Morrison government has stripped mining giant Rio Tinto’s of its right to operate in Australia after it destroyed a
We’ve been sent the full eligibility criteria for the HomeBuilder scheme and it’s weirdly specific
Who creates these policies?
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Prequel Has Dropped And It’s Pretty Dark
Netflix has released the much-anticipated prequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, which reveals the backstory of how the United States disintegrated
Tradie Says Cost To Install New Tap Will Be $25,000
The government has announced a $25,000 HomeBuilder renovation grant and local plumber Josh Reece says it'll cost around twenty-five grand to put in those new taps you bought
Covid-Conscious Protester Stays Home To Loot Online Stores Instead
"We need to send multi-nationals like Amazon and eBay a message too"
Australia Agrees To Send Troops To Support America’s Invasion Of America
Citing the two nations’ close historic friendship, and Australia’s long history of supporting American military interventions, Scott Morrison has told
Trump confirms that favourite part of Bible is when hungry caterpillar eats piece of chocolate cake
“Jesus was a wonderful author – he really was".
HomeBuilder renovation grant to be capped at $12.50, not $25,000 as first advised, Frydenberg says
"Maybe instead of a new bathroom, it's a new towel rack from Bunnings"
NRA Accidentally Forgets To Rise Up Against Tyrannical Government
“This is the one we’ve been talking about! Damn it!”
US Medical Workers Are Signing Up As Police Officers So They Can Get Proper PPE
Doctors, nurses and other medical staff across America have been joining the police force in part time roles, so they
A tip for protesters at the White House: If you say you’re called ‘The Coronavirus’ the President won’t do anything to stop you
“You’ll literally be able to do whatever the fuck you want for three weeks"
Republican Americans nostalgic for more peaceful time when protesters stormed government buildings armed with semi-automatic weapons
Fed up with the growing violence in their streets, many Republican voters are wishing the George Floyd rioters could follow
Australian man watching BLM protests relieved he doesn’t live in a country with a shameful history of systematic racism and violence against black people
“This is a part of America’s history that they’ve never really come to terms with"