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Silicon Valley Invents New ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ Button For Dealing With Climate Change
Developers in Silicon Valley have created an innovative new way to put off dealing with impending catastrophe, announcing a new
Security guards at Melbourne’s quarantine hotels say they will take situation seriously from now on and wear appropriate protection when having sex with guests
Security contractors responsibly for guarding Melbourne’s quarantine hotels have apologised for not following proper protocols, and have committed to wearing
We read the new tell-all book by Donald Trump’s niece and wow! Turns out Trump isn’t the whip-smart, kind hearted guy we thought he was
Donald Trump’s reputation as a switched-on, compassionate leader driven by the pursuit of high-mined ideals is nothing more than a
Party Of ‘Individual Responsibility’ Blames Government For Not Fixing Virus
A man whose entire political philosophy is based on taking personal responsibility and getting government out of people’s lives, is
Strictest measures yet: Victorians told to pretend they live in Sydney
“We want to see bars empty, streets deserted and so-called nightlife hotspots devoid of any activity. We simply can't have people enjoying themselves"
Kanye West announces intention to shamelessly generate publicity for his new album
Saying it was time to realize the promise of America, rapper Kanye West has confirmed he will be running a
Toddler Takes Just 2.5 Hours To Get Dressed
"We're up and out the door in under 3 hours"
Self-Obsessed Reality TV Star To Run For President
Kanye West has also thrown his hat into the ring
New Australia logo unveiled
"This is a logo that everyone can get behind"
US Could Have Avoided COVID-19 Entirely If They Hadn’t Done Testing
Donald Trump’s recent claim that testing rates have exacerbated the coronavirus in the US appear to be correct, with new
Pete Evans’ BioCharger Found To Cause Autism
The $15,000 ‘BioCharger’ causes autism in young children, a new study shows.
Second Half Of 2020 Won’t Be As Good As First Half, God Warns
“Wait until you see the plague of blood-sucking emus. Also the Queen gets cancelled”
I’m A Little Teapot Song Banned For Body Shaming
“The song is problematic in more ways than one"
Arts Rescue Package Equates To $500 Per Arts Worker, Or $25k If They Also Renovate Their Bathroom
The Federal Government’s $250 million ‘rescue’ package for the Arts industry will provide an average of around $500 for each
America to stop measuring gun-related deaths in an effort to eradicate gun crime
US President Donald Trump says the nation’s gun crime will plummet thanks to a new policy which will see gun-related