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PM Commits To Zero Climate Policy By 2050
Scott Morrison says his party will have absolutely no climate policy by the year
Government Approves Grant To Build New Opera House In North Sydney, For Benefit Of Rural Australians
The electorate of North Sydney will receive a $300 million grant to build a replica Sydney Opera House on the
Doubts Cast Over Seriousness Of Coronavirus, After Only 97% Of Scientists Claim It Is Real
A growing number of politicians and commentators have questioned the need to treat coronavirus, with many pointing out that only
Coalition Unwilling To Address Coronavirus Until It Knows Exactly How Much It Will Cost
Health Minister Greg Hunt says it would be reckless to begin tackling the coronavirus epidemic until the final costs are
Bettina Arndt Gives Back Order Of Australia After Realising She Is Denying A More-Deserving Man
Social commentator and men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt has voluntarily handed in her AO, after someone pointed out that, by
Government Activates Coronavirus Emergency Plan: Morrison To Head To Hawaii Immediately
The Australian Government has activated standard emergency procedures in response to the coronavirus threat, with the Prime Minister booked to
Morrison Calls For Royal Commission Into Shape Of Earth
Saying it was important to hear all sides of the story, PM Scott Morrison has announced a Royal Commission to
Jeff Bezos To Help Address Climate Change By Getting Environment To Work Harder
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says we should be getting an extra 6-7% efficiency out of the environment, minimum
Hotel Room Only Has 48 Lamps
A room at a local hotel chain has fewer than 50 lamps, a man was surprised to discover this week
Morrison Agrees To Bail Out Holden If They Re-Open As An Open-Cut Coal Mine
Scott Morrison has thrown iconic car-maker Holden a lifeline, approving a $200 billion emergency grant to help the troubled carmaker
Shovel Crossword #4 – Blame the Kids
Just like the Times Crossword, but with more questions about sewage. You can play our other crosswords here. We choose a
Scott Morrison Surprises His Wife For Valentine’s Day With 12 Beautiful, Hand-Picked Equestrian Clubs
Scott Morrison has shown his romantic side, surprising his wife Jenny for Valentine’s Day with a dozen show jumping facilities
People Take Cruises For Fun, Surprising New Research Confirms
People entrap themselves on cramped, disease-infested boats by choice, it has been revealed
Morrison Responds Decisively To Sydney Floods By Announcing Funding For Ark
Scott Morrison says the best way to cope with the floods causing havoc across New South Wales is with a
George Calombaris Receives Emergency Government Assistance After Renaming His Restaurant ‘The Toorak Croquet & Duck Shooting Club’
George Calombaris’s restaurant empire has avoided going into receivership after being allocated a $10 million Federal Government grant to upgrade