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Morrison’s Daughter To Build And Negatively Gear Second Cubby House After Government’s Relaxation Of Lending Regulations
"With the equity from my first cubby and the $25,000 Homebuilder grant, I should be able to scrape together enough for a deposit to build another one"
Trump Refuses To Accept Outcome Of The Bachelor Finale
"It's a conspiracy engineered by the US Postal Service, Joe Biden and Channel Ten
Westpac To Pay $1.3 Billion Money Laundering Fine Using Unmarked 100 dollar Notes
"Meet us at the bus stop near Martin Place at 9pm tomorrow night. No weapons”
Tiger Airways To Offer ‘Sitting On Tarmac’ Flights For People Missing The Unique Tiger Experience
Following Qantas’ ‘Flights to Nowhere’ promotion, Tiger Airways has announced it will offer ‘Sitting on the Tarmac’ Flights for people who miss the unique Tiger Airways experience
Daniel Andrews’ North Face jacket applies for JobKeeper after being stood down for 6 months
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ North Face jacket has applied for the JobKeeper wage subsidy after being told it is no
Government Announces $4.5 Billion Upgrade To Convert NBN To Gas
"Gas has chosen itself"
“If COVID-19 had been called ‘A-Vacancy-On-The-Supreme-Court’ US Republicans would’ve sorted it out within a week”
“We would’ve had a list of a dozen potential solutions on the table within 24 hours"
Man Who Spent High School Science Classes Pretending Bunsen Burner Was His Cock Reckons COVID-19 Is A Hoax
“The science doesn't stack up" said the man who accidentally superglued his finger to a tripod during a chemistry lesson
Trump Orders Flags To Fly At 41% Mast, To Mark Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death
"I'm told she was quite talented, for a woman".
Barron Trump Confirmed As Next Supreme Court Justice
Insiders say Barron Trump is ‘uniquely qualified for the role'.
University of NSW renamed ‘Gas Exploration Australia’ – will now receive government JobSeeker subsidies
The Government will use taxpayer dollars to build an additional campus for Gas Exploration Australia, even though there is no need for one
Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30
"Then that’s it; it’s lights out"
Trump Says Californian Wildfires Due To High Coronavirus Testing Rates
“You don’t test, you don’t get fires"
Morrison Announces New Rebate Scheme For Rooftop Coal-Fired Power Stations
"We need to think of innovative ways to lower our reliance on traditional forms of energy production"
Victoria Doubles Contact Tracing Capacity With Purchase Of Second Fax Machine
"The decision to make the purchase came after a $32 million review by consulting firm KPMG"