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Cash-Strapped Barnaby Joyce Forced To Switch From ’98 Bordeaux To ‘06 Bordeaux

Saying he knows what it’s like to live on Struggle Street, backbencher Barnaby Joyce has explained how he has to make tough choices every day to stay within his $210,000-a-year budget, recently making the painstaking decision to switch to a younger vintage of grand cru.

“I’m standing in my local bottle shop and doing the sums in my head, and I came to the realisation that hard-working families around Australia come to every day: ‘I don’t have enough for the ’98 this week’. It’s confronting, it’s hard, but you battle on.

“I’m not too proud to say that there have been times standing there in the international wine aisle where I’ve had a little cry. I certainly didn’t see myself at the age of 52 having to make these kinds of tough choices, wondering whether I can put food and a decent vintage of red on the table this week. But there you go.

Joyce said he knows what it’s like to make sacrifices. “I know what it’s like to live on the bread-line. And I can tell you that breadline isn’t a $9.50 organic artisan sourdough loaf anymore. It’s a $6.99 budget loaf. Sometimes without the foie gras”.  

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