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Morrison Kicks Off New Government By Promising Every Australian An Extra 10 Fair Dinkums Next Financial Year 

Building on his promise from the election campaign, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that every Australian taxpayer will get an additional ten Fair Dinkums next year, on top of the Fair Dinkums already delivered since January. 

Mr Morrison said the plan was fully costed and will provide a welcome boost to economic growth over the coming year.

“Labor wanted to take your Fair Dinkums away. But we’re increasing your Fair Dinkums. This is what hard working Australians need, and this is what hard working Australians deserve,” he said.  

Mr Morrison said Australia’s Fair Dinkums were some of the best Fair Dinkums in the world. “These aren’t just any Fair Dinkums, they are True Blue, Ridgy Didge, 100% Aussie Fair Dinkums. Fully costed, fully paid for,” the PM said.

Under the plan, higher wage earners will receive more Fair Dinkums than lower wage workers, with the Fair Dinkums trickling down over time.

The Fair Dinkums will help Australian households lower debt, increase wages, reduce costs, lower electricity bills and provide more employment certainty.  

A Government spokesperson said that in order to receive their Fair Dinkums, Australians should have a go.

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