Government Denounces Blatant Racism, Calls For Return To Thinly Veiled Racism

Both sides of Government have labelled Fraser Anning’s maiden speech ‘appallingly racist’, saying it was incumbent on all politicians to at least give the impression they’re not inflaming race issues to garner votes.  

Denouncing the speech, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said talk of a return to the White Australia Policy was ‘disgusting’ and ‘out of step with modern Australia’, reminding voters that African gangs were running rampant in our cities.

“This sort of speech has no place in Australia’s parliament in 2018, or in Melbourne for that matter, where it’s impossible to grab a coffee these days without being accosted by a Sudanese criminal”.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton echoed the Prime Minister’s comments. “I never once used the term ‘White Australia Policy’ when suggesting that white South Africans asylum seekers should be given preference over non-white asylum seekers. Mr Anning should be ashamed,” he said.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott added his concerns saying, “I would advise all of my colleagues to use more measured, more respectful language when inciting race fears”.

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