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Barnaby Releases Book, Podcast Series, TV Show And Live Tour In Desperate Bid For Privacy

Reminding customers that his new tell-all book is available in all good bookstores, former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce made a desperate plea for privacy today, adding that he has a new TV show and podcast series in the works.

“Please, let’s put an end to this intrusion,” Mr Joyce said, flipping through the pages of the book which describe intimate details of his sex life and most private moments. “This constant interest in my personal life has to stop. And you can subscribe to my new podcast – where I’ll explain exactly who I had sex with, and where – wherever you normally get your podcasts”.

Mr Joyce said the past few months had been trying and that tickets to his new live show were on sale on Monday. “Vikki and I just want to get on with our lives, which we’ll be broadcasting as part of my new reality TV show, At Home With Barnaby, seven o’clock Wednesday nights. Make sure you tune in then”.

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