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Liberal Donor Insists He Has No Influence On Party Policy

A businessman who donated $1.75 million to the Liberal Party has dismissed concerns of undue influence, saying he has absolutely no say in the policy direction of the party.

The Sydney man, who was revealed yesterday as the party’s biggest ever donor, said he had no interest in policy and was happy to leave the running of the party to others.

“This was a one-off financial donation, pure and simple. A large donation yes. But I can assure you that it did not buy me any influence within the party whatsoever”.

He said while he sometimes spoke to those with power within the party, he was kept at arms length on the big decisions.

“I certainly don’t interfere on the big issues. Let’s remember, the Labor Party is beholden to the unions due to their donations. But the Liberal Party is in no way beholden to me”.

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