Malcolm Turnbull Skols Glass Of ’88 Shiraz-Grenache At SCG

turnbull wine

Malcolm Turnbull has gone one better than former PM Bob Hawke, downing a whole glass of reserve Barossa Shiraz-Grenache in just 18 sips, while watching the third Test in Sydney.

It comes a day after Mr Hawke skolled a glass of beer at the same venue.

Cheered on by those around him, the Prime Minister took just 18 largish sips to drain the glass, only stopping to nibble on a bowl of hors d’oeuvres between gulps. The whole display lasted just 29 minutes, with Channel 9 covering the feat between balls.

Mr Turnbull said he would usually decant his wine at let it breathe for at least half an hour before drinking it, but got caught up in the festive atmosphere. “Yes, I probably missed some of the more subtle fruit and chocolaty notes. But sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind,” he said.