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Pete Evans Launches New Cookbook: 100 Simple Conspiracy Theories You Can Create At Home

Celebrity chef Pete Evans launched his latest publication today, a collection of quick-and-easy conspiracy theories that you can whip up in just minutes.

Featuring age-old classics like ‘Cavemen were the undisputed experts on nutrition’ and ‘Grains are scary’, the book also introduces some great new conspiracies that can feed the whole family. The delicious ‘Wearing sunscreen is bad for you’ theory, for example, can be quickly thrown together with hardly any thought at all.

Evans said the recipes used common ingredients that most of his fans would have on hand at home. “You won’t need any messy science or hard-to-find evidence. Just toxin-free, pure bullshit,” he said.

The My Kitchen Rules judge said he always encouraged people to improvise with his recipes. “If you don’t have any facts on hand, that’s fine, just make up your own, or find a convincing substitute for the facts you need. That’s what I do”.

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