Women STILL Don’t Understand What Mansplaining Actually Means

malcolm turnbull mansplaining

An exasperated Malcolm Turnbull has come to the defence of his colleague Mitch Fifield, saying that many women simply don’t understand what ‘mansplaining’ is, despite widespread media coverage of the word.

“Let me explain it to you slowly and simply so you can understand. Mansplaining, in its most basic form, is to explain something to someone – typically a man to a woman – in a manner regarded as condescending or patronising. What Mr Fifield did today was quite obviously not mansplaining,” he said.

Earlier Communications Minister Mitch Fifield was accused by Labor’s Katy Gallagher of mansplaining during a Senate community affairs committee meeting.

Mr Turnbull said it was frustrating to have to explain the meaning of the word over and over again. “But look, I’ll happily do it. We’ll just keep going until we find a way that women can understand”.

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