Typing Error: Greg Hunt Actually Won Best Milliner In The World Award (Not Minister As Initially Reported)

Greg Hunt Milliner

Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt has not, in fact, won the award for Best Minister In The World, but rather a prize for hat making.

Initial reports this morning suggested Mr Hunt had won the inaugural ‘Best Minister In The World’ award at the World Government Summit in Dubai, leading to widespread bewilderment in Australia.

But a spokesperson from the Summit this afternoon said that it was nothing more than a typing error on the certificate, and that the award was actually for Mr Hunt’s millinery achievements.

While Mr Hunt is not well known for his hat-making prowess, the award was seen as more credible amongst analysts. “It did seem very far-fetched when the initial report came out. Whereas the hat-making thing – while a little strange – is at least plausible,” Political observer Ben McDaniel said.

A Liberal Party insider said the new award made more sense. “I’m not sure exactly what Greg Hunt has done for the millinery industry. But I’m confident it’s more than what he’s done for the environment”.

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