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Fax Machines Are Our Future, Says Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott today opened a new fax machine factory in Melbourne’s west, saying the telecommunications devices were ‘friends of humanity’.

“Fax machines have been a big part of our past, and they’ll be a big part of our future, both here in Australia, and around the world” Mr Abbott said.

“Telecommunications will continue to underpin economies of the 21st century, and faxes will remain the world’s principal telecommunications device for decades to come”.

He said the new factory would put Australia at the forefront of fax-based technology. “Not only will this new facility create jobs. It will help Australia become known as leaders in the field”.

When questioned about whether other new technologies – like scanners, or even email machines – may be a better focus for Australian investment, Mr Abbott said, “You’ve obviously never used a fax machine. It quite literally prints out a replicate of a document you have in your hands on another fax machine across the other side of the country”.

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