Home Ownership Dream Now To Include Awkward Bit Where You’re Not Wearing Pants

The popular dream of owning your own property will now culminate with the embarrassing realisation that you’re wearing nothing but your underwear, it was revealed today.

According to Richard Assander, a researcher at South Sydney University, the new version of the home ownership dream starts ordinarily enough. But a noticeable change occurs when you start to look at prices. “That’s when you realise that someone’s removed your trousers,” he said. “From then on, you’re acutely aware that everyone is laughing at you,” he said.

Mr Assander said that while you will spend the rest of the dream frantically searching for your missing pants, most people will wake up before they find them. “And you still won’t own your own home”.

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  1. Tim

    April 5, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    While you make light of this dream, there are people out there struggling. I went to a dinner party and could barely muster a smug anecdote about the price of my house. How can ordinary Australians like me inspire jealousy and spite amongst my friends and acquaintances with the spiralling cost of getting into the market!?

    It’s a crisis I say. A bloody crisis.

  2. admo

    April 9, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    i to have dinner parties where i make my dinner guests uncomfortable when talking about the value of my MacMansion and my mortgage repayments, but they now belittle me and just laugh at its value as they proudly speak of the huge rents they pay and no return on their money..

    ohh to be young and have half my income to pay to rent.