MH370 Update: Australian Government Won’t Comment On Search Findings Until Next Wednesday’s Weekly Briefing

on water matters

Those eager to find out whether Australian search efforts in the Indian Ocean have uncovered signs of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 will have to wait until next Wednesday, when the Australian Government gives its weekly maritime operational briefing.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison agreed to re-initiate the weekly briefings, which were scrapped earlier this year, but refused to provide any detail in the meantime.

“I’m not about to start distributing critical information just for the amusement of the general public,” Mr Morrison said.

Pressed further, he released an automatically generated statement that read, “Due to the sensitive nature of this case it would be inappropriate for me to comment on on-water matters”.

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1 Comment

  1. HonestMike

    March 21, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    At this point, the Immigration Minister moved to exit the no-briefing media briefing. The Army chief of Operation Sovereign Borders, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, as instructed began to paraphrase Mr. Morrison’s non-explanatory explanation. The Minister halted mid-step, turned and in a rehearsed, yet exquisitely awkward Murdochian manner, interrupted the General.
    “I’d just like to say one sentence: this is the most humbling operational failure to brief, of my life,” he stated appearing dour a face as he could muster. He summoned the General, who saluted and clicked his heels in the manner to which the press gallery has become familiar over recent months, and both men left the room.