Bidding War Begins As Schapelle Corby Release Date From Channel 7 Compound Confirmed

The Nine Network is said to be leading a spirited bidding war for first access to Schapelle Corby, following reports the former beauty therapist may be released from the Channel 7 Compound as early as this weekend.

The former Gold Coast resident has been held in the notorious Bali stronghold since last Monday.

In what is likely to be a big ratings winner, the interview will provide an insight into conditions inside the compound and what it’s like to share a building with Mike Willesee.

Although Nine is believed to be the frontrunner, industry insiders say Channel 7 is also keen to secure the deal. All networks have offered to provide 24/7 protection from the media as part of their deal.

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1 Comment

  1. HonestMike

    February 18, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter have been approached to jointly officiate, facilitate, mediate, and extricate a final successful interviewer, from those in the bidding war. This is expected to be a 4-6 month mission, with an interim report to the U.N. due in late May. In addition to Seven an Nine, a newly cashed-up News Limited team of lackeys has recently joined in. Channel Ten also wants to be involved in the formal discussions, but only if “they can sleep over and maybe get some brekkie thrown in”, as they’re operating under ‘extenuating budgetary pressures’. Should they’re bid win, they have assured the U.N. mission that they’ll keep the newly freed Corby away from the media, by keeping her secure ‘under Bolt and key’.