“It Was At About The 85 Minute Mark That I Realised This Movie Wasn’t About John Howard”

Man of steel John Howard satire

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he was well over half way into watching the latest Superman movie Man of Steel before he realised it was about a comic character and not his hero and mentor John Howard.

“I was just gutted,” Mr Abbott explained. “Everything about the movie fits the John Howard story – the superhuman powers, saving the planet, going off to fight the baddies, the funny tracksuit. I mean, the actor even looks like John”.

Mr Abbott said he sensed something wasn’t quite right when he noticed the film was set in the present day. “John still thinks it’s 1958, so I came to the disappointing conclusion that the film wasn’t about him. The title is just a cruel trick to lure people into theatres”.

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  1. uloola

    June 27, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Tony(the monk)Abbot whilst at the cinema experienced a vision of the Papal Nuncio of Opus Dei castigating him for comparing a mere superman to John(the blessed)Howard.As punishment he has to engage in a titanic struggle to the death with the spawn of Mephistopheles the demonic Krudd.A duel which only one of them will emerge alive.
    The monk may have to invoke the awsome power of”The Bishop”whose death stare has sent many a mere mortal to the bowels of hell for daring to doubt her immaculate conception.
    The acolytes can only watch from the wings and hope that the Hollywood version is as spectacular as the real thing.It’s due out in September in glorious 3D.

  2. Sharan

    January 21, 2014 at 3:20 am

    Lol! Good one.